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Are we happier than our Forefathers

Are we happier than our Forefathers

Are people nowadays happier than any other time in history ? are we better than our forefathers ?

Talking about are we happier than our forefathers is quiet an interesting topic to discuss. In some regards the statement is true and also it false to some extent. Talking about the facilities that we get right now in our society is quiet more than our older times. The above remark is quiet puzzling and cannot be answered categorically. The total opinion remains divided on this subject, because the world of today is quite different and much more evolved and  improved than that of the world a century ago. If our ancestors wake up from the eternal sleep, they would be wonderstruck to the huge changes brought by humans in this world.

Our ancestors had to experience a lot of trouble. There were no good school and hence they were unable to receive proper education. They were not aware of the civic hygienic rules, and the result was that they suffered from many diseases. The superstitions surrounded them every time and they feared the unknown subjects. There were no good means of transport and no good communication procedure. When people left for any kind of pilgrimages it took several months for them to reach the place. At the time of any natural calamities people of one region could not help the people of another region. There were so many difficulties which the people had to face a century back.

But now the things have changed. The discovery of electricity, the fairy child of science has done a lot for the human being’s comfort. Newer transport modes like buses, cars, ships, aero planes or even rockets have taken us to a complete new horizon. Wireless, radio, television and internet have done a lot to keep the world well informed of news. Today distance has become nothing and it has led humans to live a faster life. Schools, hospitals are functioning well in order to educate us and make us literate. Electricity has helped us to live our domestic lives in a much more comfortable way. Nowadays a housewife feels no difficulty in cooking and washing of clothes. Life has become more comfortable and worth living. With the invention of X-rays many internal diseases are now curable. Surgery has taken a new dimension and now a heart or lung surgery can be done by making a small hole into the human body. The natural disasters are now pre predicted and can be tracked earlier with the help of satellites. The mode of trans port helps us to help others to recue from any kind of danger.

After the day’s hard life now we can easily relax by putting on the radio and listening to a good music. It helps us feel better relaxed and soothed. Modern scientific implementations have increased agricultural output. The world no longer suffers from shortages of any kind. Facilities are now at the fingertips of humans. Business has taken different roads and height which has made us so much fast forward. With all these we are happier than our forefathers but the simplicity is totally lost as politics has affected us all.
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we are better than our forefather.
in this regards our forefather much better than us . because at that time their was peace and they were too honest with earch other and they used to help each other.but in present time we don't have enough time to discuss our matter with our friends bacause everyone become so busy that don't want to hear somebody's matters.
- by shareef on 7/18/2011
we are not btter than our forefathers
no we are not living in a better word than our forefathers.I am against this topic..they were spiritually,culturly,physically,religiosly better an us.
- by azka ali on 5/17/2012
we are better than our fore fathers or our fore fathers were better/
actually happieness is a state of mind it depends upon men whether he is happy or sad in any condition if he is happy with out facilities he will be happy ............on the other hand having facilities if he is not happy he will not be happy in any coast,,,,,,,,,,...........
- by mehwish on 5/19/2012
Veste Armani
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Veste Armani
- by Veste Armani on 11/14/2012
we are happier than our forefathers
our generation is much more developed than our forefather's generation in all the ways like communication,entertainment medical,social,science,technology and entertainment
- by sunil kumar mondal on 4/25/2016
forefathers were more happier than us
That time there were pollution free and peaceful environment. but today because of overpopulation and rapid industrialisation our natural resources get polluted it is a great cause of diseases... And that time less number of criminal activities but today crime is an its high level...
- by Anjali Chauhan on 6/8/2016
our forefather were more happier than us
well today topic for debait is our forefather were happier than us at some instant yes and no.our forefather is happier than us because at time nontechnology no mobile,no any traveling  resurce and they spent his life very carefully and without any in morden life there are a lot of sources of treviling,communication and etc for pepole however they r not happy because if any family member r going anywere then his family worry him and pray.if we can say our forefather were not happier than us then resion is that mordern scisnces because at that time no any facility able and if excident of any bady then how help them if any morden thechnology in that time then they help his
- by gaurav mishra on 8/13/2016
We are
- by Adsy on 11/13/2016
we are more happier than our forefathers
well i believe that we r more happier than our forefathers because they were not having strong built houses.they were not having an appliances which make our work easy.their life was more difficult than us.our generation is much more developed than our forefathers.
- by juliet smith on 10/16/2017
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