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a Software to Fix Dead Pixels On Your LCD Screen

a Software to Fix Dead Pixels On Your LCD Screen

I found this two softwares that will help to locate and fix LCD screens dead and stuck pixels. You can move flash zone with cursor and select color by right clicking on the flash area.

The first one is called UDPixel, created by Samuel Larché and it’s free.

It works on windows Vista, XP and 2000. There is a Pocket PC version too.

You need also the .NET Framework Version 2.0

> Download UDPixel Here

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The second software is JScreenFix, JScreenFix is a free software that can fix stuck pixels, reduce screen burn-in and improve the quality of images displayed on a screen.

JScreenFix is a Java applet that randomly turns on and off every colour component on the screen at up to 60 times a second. and because it is a Java applet it will run on almost anything.

> Download JScreenFix Here
Comments & Opinions :
Fix with a flick of finger
I had a green pixel which I flicked with my thumb and forfinger, and it disappeared off the screen. Funny because I did it out of pure instinct; no rational problem solving. Sort of like how people used to whap a TV on the side and it would always clear up a picture.
- by Aaron on 5/31/2011
Only fix stuck pixels
Just to be clear this will only fix stuck pixels. It will NOT fix dead pixels (as they are exactly what they're called, dead) or Hot pixels. Dead pixels are usually black, Hot pixels are usually white or red. At any rate, a much better way to fix them is to take a wet q-tip and just gently rub the pixel for about 10 seconds, then press on it lightly for 10 to 20 seconds.
- by slacker on 5/31/2011
This program is surely a life-saver. Thank you. It worked!
- by Balint Botond on 5/31/2011
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